Thursday, October 23, 2008


As we grow into adulthood, we seem to leave behind some part of us. A part of us that showed our weakness to the world...a part that completed us. At times it made us feel stupid....stupid yet human.

Why is it so hard to cry now?
Even when there are so many fears
Even when there are so many tears
They float in these eyes
Waiting for the time when they will break free
Held back by invisible chains
Not knowing how to show pain

Why is it so hard to cry now?
Its been so long since these lips tasted salty tears
Its like these eyes have forgotten
What it felt like to break lose
The feeling of letting it all out
The feeling of not caring about anything
Pushing it all out, one tear at a time

Can't remember when i felt like a child
Crying and crying without caring
No one to judge these swollen eyes
No one to say that I am foolish to cry
Someone always there to take the pain away
Hold my hand and show me the way
Why is it so hard to cry now?

I thought I was changing for the better
The former was weak, they all liked the latter
They told me I was getting strong
But didn't realize that something was wrong
I killed a part of me with my own hands
Uncertain of what I have now become
Flesh and bones, but a heart gone numb
Don't know if I can get it back, I don't know how
'Cause it's so hard to cry now...
So hard to cry now...

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Amadeep said...

strange truth....