Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Rape of Mankind

Fucking bastards! Animals! Disgusting Filth! I am pissed and I ain’t gonna decorate it! I don’t think I have words which describe my feelings as I read this article in the Times of India, dated Friday October 17, 2008. “Dalit woman gangraped twice in a week”, in the bottom left of the 7th page. A 29 year old woman was raped throughout the night in a Rajasthan village by two men when she was returning from a village ‘mela’. When she complained to the police, the two men arrived at the farm she was working and raped her again…in front of her father-in-law...the second gangrape was to “teach her a lesson”! If I ever was to get hold of those men…I would teach THEM a fucking lesson. I swear to God…I don’t know what I might do, but whatever it will be…it isn’t going to be pretty. But here I sit…helpless…pouring the venom into these words. The only fitting punishment I can think of is to cut their penises off. Take away their weapon because these men definitely don’t know how to handle it. They don’t deserve to have what they cannot control. Let them feel the humiliation and pain of your dignity being snatched away...or the helplessness of watching your daughter being raped in front of your eyes…yet not being able to do nothing. These men….pathetic. A disgrace!

The “Indian Man” is a disgustingly weak creature…and he proves himself yet again! We’ve been doing this for ever. Raping …looting…plundering…using our penis as a weapon against women…and even men. We raped a school full of Muslim girls when the partition fire was raging decades ago...just to use an example in my head. I can't even list down the millions of others…regardless of religion or race. I hate…I repeat…I HATE people who cannot control their little penises! How fucking lame do you have to be to go around raping women in order to FEEL like a man. It’s more unfortunate that the status of the woman makes her matters worse. Though being a rich and educated woman would have made no difference to the culprits. It mite have even made the "prey" more desirable. WHEN WILL THIS COUNTRY WAKE UP? Emerging India? Revolutionary India? A growing economy?...BULLSHIT! We are no different than what we were hundreds of years ago…barbaric-half brained-eating-shitting-reproducing animals! This society refuses to get rid of this caste system termite that’s been eating away at the backbone of this county for centuries. The tragedy lies in the fact that the caste system isn’t an object! It’s a way of living that cannot be taken away from the people in the rural parts…for they themselves accept it…and implement it! The only way to get rid of this disease is to enforce the law…by our so called “police” that works in these rural areas! Oh, the tragedy of tragedies!

More so, I’m angrier at the parents who breed such animals…and then fail to give them a fucking sense of morality. If any progeny of mine was to ever commit this act…I would kill it rite then! I would feel disgusted to even be linked to that THING. We all have a duty towards our progeny…to protect and nurture...but a greater duty towards mankind! We were human first…and then a parent! I feel angrier at the people in that village who sheltered those men…and forced that woman to leave the village because of that incident! What was her fault? I am also angry at the damn newspaper…who printed this news in the little corner of page seven. IT SHOULD’VE BEEN ON THE FRONT FUCKING PAGE! Let this proud nation see what its illiterate youth is doing in its spare time!

But I guess the biggest tragedy lies in the fact that this is not a localized incident! How many incidents of such kind have popped up in the newspaper in the last year itself? Ranging from “woman raped”….”woman gangraped”…”woman held captive and raped”…”teenager raped”…”9 year old girl raped”…”3 year boy molested”….to the worst one…”Father keeps daughter captive in basement for 17 years, rapes her and even gives birth to progeny”. DIE YOU ASSHOLE! I feel disgusted to even think about these incidents!

"Man"…the civilized animal?…the conscious animal?…the moral animal? I DON’T FUCKING THINK SO!

"Man"…The uncivilized animal…the basic-instinct-driven animal…the immoral animal…the “uncontrollable animal”! FUCK! Even animals don’t rape each another. When was the last time that The National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel show a monkey rape another monkey??...NEVER!!! I don’t give a shit if you think this opinion of mine is sexist…or biased…and that men aren’t the only ones who commit these crimes. If you are not like these men…then I am glad for you! I shiver at the thought that this was one case that came into the light and that thousands of others don't. The people are violated and then sielenced!

And then there is that little joke..."God gave man brain and a penis, but only enough blood to run one thing at at time". We are so pitiful...trying to blame it all on God and the way he made us. Its in our instinct we claim...part of our nature...we just can't control it! All these excuses...I have THREE words for this kind of thinking.... BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!

I do not know everything...and who am i to decide whom to punish and how. But i damn well hope the authorities...or someone...anyone...with the power to bring justice would do so.

Oh dear this moment of anger...I comfort myself to believe that this was all your doing...and that what happened to that woman was her punishment for whatever sin she may have committed. Yet my soul aches...and from the bottom of my heart...I just wish for one thing only. If what happened was completely due to the black hearts of those men...then please oh please... hold these men responsible for their actions...and make them suffer for their whatever form you see right! Amen!


ZooFugitive said...

What you just described is a malaise that affects not only our society, but mankind everywhere. All through history, the way that invading armies have showed their ultimate supremacy over the invaded society is by raping their women.

Why are the most often used swear words those which deal with abuse of women?

I think it is something that runs deeper. And yes, animals do show similar behaviour. Lions taking over the pride of an overthrown rival kill all the cubs of the pride so that the females come back into heat... There is nothing that the females can do about it...

This incident though runs deeper than just lust. It is the feeling that since the victim was a woman of a lower caste that allowed those bastards to walk around with impunity after their crimes. I say, cut their penises off and make them eat it and all that... But that is not going to solve the problem is it?

Violence unfortunately breeds violence... I see no solution, i can only pray that fewer men give in to their animalistic instincts and try to be better humans.

Arcane Akash said...

I like to think that we have evolved passed the stage of the lions roaming around on the savannah...I like to think that our minds are stronger than our penises...but then people tend to prove me wrong! lol

As far as the punishment part do know that cutting the penis off is the punishment for rape in some Arab countries. I am not calling out for "mass penis removal crusade"...but some situations...especially the ones involving children...i see no fitter punishment!