Saturday, October 22, 2011


Between what you were born as and what you will go forth to become, lies the longest bridge you will ever cross. One that you must cross for your existence is not of longing, but of learning. What you have become when the sun sets and the darkness begins will carry you through because you are marvelous, in every aspect of your being the miracle of every day life. Remember, you are the reason the bridge exists for it becomes a part of you with every step that you take.

In between what you are and what you will become, you are never lost. You just haven't reached the other side yet.
I search, though in vain for the place where I will surrender. Where the existence of my self shall be visible to me through the colored glass of life. Such a place of hope and freedom, is not of pieces of string strung in enchanting hymns, of blinding lights or of waves that wash away the fears. It is of a moment which transcends love, joy, pain and life itself. It is in between the darkness and the light which I only feel like the blind man feels the sunlight. Moments of surrender born out of freedom and into life as I have come to see. I search for them till the endless chime of the clock, for I have tried in my ways to be free.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The greatest tragedy of man is that the darkest memory of War and Death is unfortunately also the greatest memory of Victory and Conquest. In this paradox of Life and Death, we have never sensed true freedom, for it can never exist among the bullets, within the concrete walls and burdened under the gold coins.

If only I had enough money to buy the whole world.... I would set it free of it's own captivity.
Somewhere, I have no faith left in the principles of conquest. The concept of victory I believe defies everything I have come to see as logical and true. True to the laws of existence. We have come a long way from the fields of the Motherland. When we stepped off the road of biological evolution and stepped into the tarmac of social evolution, we became remnants of everything that we were.

They say one realizes life in its aspects over the journey that one makes; from childhood to adolescence, through youth and the prime, to finally come to old age and death. All through this journey, we have come to think of life as a competition of survival, at the end of which the victorious shall stand at the highest podium. The more i learn of our history, the more i feel it is foolish.

Each of us are a solution to the complex equation of 'Life', captive to our own desires to be victorious... to be remembered through the pages of time as "The most successful species".