Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cloudy days

Lying beneath what seems to be the sky
Watching our thought turn into clouds
Twenty some years gone
Nothing more to show than our words
What to make of these things we call our own
The people that came and have gone
Growing old and frail
Gathered a little wisdom for smiles
We have come so far from home
Drifting like the clouds on a rainy day
The rain will fall to the ground
Someday we will understand
Someday we will disappear
And maybe the sun will shine then.


Gone are the days when we were free
Tonight we are hopeless slaves to our desires and fears
When the world was sleeping away
We were singing in the darkness
Wishing it would all come to an end
One day, we would be free again

Don't be angry for loving
It's what makes us who we are
Even if its the end of the world
When the dreams come crashing down
We hold on to threads of hope
One day, we would float away

Don't forget what we have done
All of it stands before us today
The streets are empty but you can still hear
Sounds of hope and love echoing
The things we despise, but still believe
One day, we would believe again.