Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Last Soldier

In the trench, is where lies
Where he lies alone
Holding onto to dreams he had
But itching to let go
Thoughts race through his head
They eat him from inside
Promises of a better world
Nothing but hollow lies
Where have the flowers gone
The trees burnt alive
Bodies of his friends are laid
Scattered through the night
The mud drying on his face
It’s tearing him apart
The beast in his chest is fear
Biting at his heart

Bullets fill the moonlit sky
Coming down like hail
This cannot be his home
He must be in hell
The bullets are infinite
Like the stars in the sky
One of them is meant for him
Wanting him to die
The trench is so cold and numb
Will this be his grave
Or will he survive the sinful darkness
And live to see another day

He is just an ordinary man
Struggling to survive
Fighting for mistakes of men
Fighting for their selfish pride
Embrace the bullet in his head
He could let it find its mark
He could end this pain and suffering
And quietly slip into the dark
Or he could bite back on the fear within
And step into the light
Raise his gun to the sky
And let the bullets take flight

Except to the crying sky above
Or to the blood drenched ground below
What he did in his moment of truth
Only his soul shall ever know

Never Live Again

Take the chance, go have a shot
Give it everything that you’ve got
Stay on the edge, take a risk
This might be something you don’t wanna miss
Regrets are not for the free of heart
You'll never finish... if you never start
When facing an avalanche of failures and doubts
Never forget what life is truly about
History maybe be written by the ones who survived
But legends are of the ones who died

Stay a child inside forever
It doesn’t get worse if you can make it better
The sun may set, but it will rise
Life goes on, you must realize
Laugh a lot, but feel some pain
Because you'll never live again

A moment of Happiness

I don’t know why…but I’m happy inside
There’s a butterfly in my tummy…and a tickle in my side
I haven’t won a lottery nor have I reached the sky
But it’s just there, nothing that I have tried
No marijuana…no ganja to give me this bliss
No distant phone call…or my first kiss
It’s just a state I’m in at this very moment
A chance to smile, no need to lament
Careless and free is how I feel
No bad memories right now, no wounds left to heal

I know this bubble will pop sooner than later
But I don’t care ‘casue it doesn’t really matter
I am living in the present, that’s how I want to be
‘Casue the future is too far ahead for me to see
I might be going crazy I might be going insane
But I don’t mind staying a bit longer in this game

On The Inside

Look deep into my eyes
And I shall show you what secrets I hide
See my dreams and hopes
Take them if you want, make them yours
They shall not dwindle and fade away
In your eyes they shall find refuge
In your eyes they shall grow

Look deep into my eyes
And I shall show you what secrets I hide
Some painful memories, deceit and lies
Take them away if you can, please do try
They shall wither and fade away
Leaving only the truth behind
Leaving behind a healing mind

Take a step further, go deeper inside
And you shall find what truly lies
There is a person inside
Tying to grow, trying to decide
Lost in conflicts and dilemmas
Fighting the urge to break away
And leave everything behind
Look deep into my eyes
And you will then realize
There is a whole world on the inside
But you just see the person on the outside
...just the person on the outside

Booger War!

My senses tingle! I feel there is an fun! Taking my weapon of pinky finger! Curving it a a make it the right shape....i has to be just right! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! and I shove it in my nose!

You little long did you think you could hide? After all, this is my territory that you are on you little sticky piece of snot! Nothing...nothing stays on my territory unless i want it to! Muhuhu huhuhu hahaha (evil laugh)

I poke....I twist....maneuvering it like a sword....delicate yet firm! I push and corner the enemy into a corner! AHA! YOU'RE TRAPPED! No place to place to hide! You're mine!! I squish it...roll it down...let it run and catch it again! Oh! The pleasure of playing with your enemy!

But when i've had my share of fun....the final strike! I pin the enemy to the ground...drag it across the battle ground....into the light....into the open sky! I hold you there...on the tip of my finger. Your shape...your sticky...disgusting form...nothing but a small round object on the tip of my finger. Oh the power! The power to control an enemy! And then...with the flick of a finger....i toss you away! So pathetic!

And then...with a sigh of satisfaction....i return to the task i was doing before i was alerted to this enemy!

Friday, March 27, 2009


An embrace so warm
So secure...protecting you from harm

If ever I could hold you tight
I would hold you through the night


When I sat down and thought of life...
there was one thing I did realize
Of stars and moons and little suns
what shines the most, is one that burns.
True to me but false to you
There's nothing left for me to prove
When all the world is no longer a stage
Nothing remains for me to lose

When the wind chooses not to blow
I hide the scars I wish not to show
Needless to say, I am not a dream
Reality is fiction, as real as it may seem
A million times I’ve let it slip
But over and over I still will try
For I believe when the poet is dead
Within his words he still survives

When the time is ripe for leaves to fall
That’s when I shall say goodbye
If you trust in me, then promise me now
That you won't hold me back
You won't ask me 'why'.


What is wrong in hating life?
What is wrong in telling a lie?
What is wrong in breaking a heart?
What is wrong in staying apart?

Haven’t you ever stolen before?
Haven’t you ever wanted more?
Haven’t you ever wanted to kill?
Haven’t you ever broken promises?

Who’s the one you will never miss?
Who’s the one you wanna kiss?
Who’s the one who loved you so?
Who’s the one you let go?

Why did you make a fist?
Why did you slit your wrist?
Why did you walk away?
Why did you start to pray?

Ask yourself one last time
Why do we separate...why do we divide?
If everyone is of the same ‘kind’
Then what is yours and what is mine?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Last Time

This one is special to was one of the first things i ever wrote. Even now, I remember how i felt that night.

Listen to me now
Listen as i speak tonight
Let me apologize for the mistakes
Let me say how much i love you
Forgive me for the times i hurt you
Laugh with me, at me, on me
Hold my hand and cry with me

Talk to me now
Scream at me for things i did wrong
Point out all my mistakes, one by one
Hit me where i am weak
Make me scream, so i can feel
What's it like to be in pain
What's it like to be born again

Kiss me now
Kiss these lips before they become still
Cold and blue, drained of all life
Touch my tongue with yours
Let me taste you one last time
Touch my skin and let me feel your warmth
Before these arms go limp and numb

Let it all out now
This moment will not repeat
Don't hold back in this moment of truth
Nothing you say will change the way
I look into your eyes and speak to you
The image of you in my head is immortal
Time will stop, but i will not forget
As the clock nears the dong
All that i ask of you is one last dance

Dance with me now
For these feet may not move again
Tell me you love me
Tell me you were always mine
I know i have heard it a million times
But say it one last time
Just one last time

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raining slowly

Help her now...she's breaking
The little paper wings
The wind is tearing
Stay afloat my child
Don't let go
Open your eyes
And feel me now
The world is slowly weeping
Teardrops falling
The rain comes down so slowly
Drowning out the miseries
Soaking the soul
All the way to the memories
Drink it down
Let it become
Part of your destiny
Time moves on quietly
As the rain comes down slowly

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam

A 100 years you gave to me
To understand what Life truly is
I wasted 25 in making myself
The rest I spent making memories
I got entangled in these strings
One called Desire...the other one Greed
One held me down, while the other one squeezed
Took the breath right out of me
Broke me into little entities

So I sit here under a moonless sky
Trying to figure out how the puzzle is
Am I the hand that completes the picture
Or am I just a forgotten piece
I am a little dazed... a little lost
But believe me when I say it all
What is done is done,
But don't turn a blind eye to what is to come
Give me a chisel and I will break this wall
I am not afraid anymore...
Not afraid to lose it all...
Not ashamed if I have to crawl...

A 100 years you gave to me
All I needed was this moment

"Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam"I Will Either Find A Way Or Make One

Friday, March 13, 2009


I must be pure and true
I must remain unmoved
I must grow and divide
I must remain inside
No wishing for the gold
No thought of letting go
I must remain curled
Protected from the world

I must dream tonight
Just like every night
I must stay alive
I must put up a fight
Against the needles that kill
Against the little white pills
I must believe in this tomb
In this teenage womb

There must be something else
Must be something good
Something on the outside
No need for me to hide
Somewhere I can run
When my time comes
Far away from here...
Far away...So far away

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So many years ago

Seasons come...and seasons go
Autumn leaves dry as the new ones begin to grow
But a friend left behind in the past
Cannot be many years ago
Now I remember, that look in your eyes
The tears that flowed, when I said goodbye
Never did I think, that you would break
Over a promise... we both never made

If one day, I wander into those streets again
When we have grown old...wrinkled...numb from the pain
Maybe we can sit in the yard
Catch up on the lives we've lived apart
You can tell the stories that you've made
We can relive the childhood moments we shared
I can't promise if I will be able to stay
But I hate to say goodbye again

A friend that I left...behind in the past
I search for you still...but which of us is lost?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am here. Don't be afraid...i am not leaving you...
I am right here...beside you..inside you
Why is your heart filled with fear tonight?
Have I hurt you...given you a tear?
Are you afraid that I might turn my back
...walk away and never look back?

Have a little faith my dear...its not so hard to do
Have a little patience and i shall show it all to you
You are the sun that shines for me in the morning sky
I am the flower, turning to watch you go by
Slowly I will open...and show you whats inside
You will know secrets I shall hide
Have faith in me...and I will not let you fall
Hold you you stand tall

Believe what I say...Till the end of days
Me and You...Forever True

Beauty and the Beast

She twists...and turns. She spins...and twirls. The silence of the room adds to her beauty...accentuating every breath she takes. The wooden floor creaks beneath her feet... as she moves from one corner of the room to another....flowing like the water in a stream. Her body moving through the air effortlessly... i watch patiently....quietly....enchanted. She makes me want to break away the chains and join her in this trance, but I know where my ugliness lies.

This beauty and this beast could never dance together.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Its true...its true... its true what they say
The morning now begins with the rays
But what about us...the creatures of the night
Who do not slumber, till its light
We move in the the darkness we melt
The peace of the dark...which yo have never felt

Its a lie...its a lie...its a lie what they say
That the night is where the demons lay
We are but souls...just like you
The only difference...we were created to be true
Beneath your beds...inside your cupboards
We shall sit and not be discovered

Call us when you need to be
A little feared...or a little glee
At your command... we shall come
From the darkness...into your world
And when our task here is done
Let us be...let us return

Back into the darkness...where we belong
Back into the shadows...where we came from.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The wind...the raim...the sun...shall not hold me down
Your love...your tears...your screams...shall not force me to turn around
I am strong now...I am brave...I am the essence...who shall not fade away
I am immune...I have gone cold....I am the eyes...which never grow old

There was a time...when I was lost...I was tired and afraid
But now I I I give...without caring if I will receive
I walk alone...I dream alone...I hum the song...which I wrote when you were gone
A promise I made...a blood-pact with my soul...a bond...which no one shall dissolve

I will never let anyone get close enough to hurt me...

An Immortal Mountain

One step...two steps...three steps four
The million miles begins to show...
The candle burns to give me light
As I take steps in this bitter cold night
With each tree that passes by
My courage begins to grow

The peak of Truth rests atop the mountain of fear
It may seem far...but its so near
I may fall...i may crumble...
I may cry... i may bleed...
Oh brother, lend me the courage that i need
The spark to make the darkness disappear

As I being to ascend
The flame begins to flicker
The wind is strong my brother
As i becomes stronger
Protecting the light...protecting my mind
I rise...i rise...

"Become Truth...for it is Immortal"
Of all the things i gave to you...
My mind was the most precious
I let you in...let let you in...
I let myself commit sin
This guilt i carry like a scar
I run...i hide...but never get far
This tourniquet of love tied me down
I let my self become a slave

Read my words tonight darling
For they shall burn away with the rising sun
Gone is the day when you were a queen
Forget those moments
Erase those sins
Tonight i release my scars... i release my skin
Gone is the man...who let himself commit sin.