Thursday, December 31, 2009

The seeds will travel, and so will the tree

Of what to think of myriad times
But to sit and watch the years go by
We will speak in bliss of moments gone
Like stolen gems from a trickling pond
But what to say to an oak tree so old
Like time itself he is known
To lie beneath starts tonight
And let the world float on by

Lets be at peace in the winter night
For the world is cruel, but spare tonight
Its death at once and birth again
Of time and years and sullen days
For who knows where these path lead
For the ones who walk with barren feet
But we stand still beneath the virgin sky
And watch the years float on by

You and Me, we are like trees
Standing alone...silent and still
These roots hold us down and won't let us be
But it is in our souls to be free
In the hearts they are born
And in our patience they grow
My child, let them go... let them be...
The seeds will travel... and so will the tree.