Friday, October 10, 2008

Guided by an Eternal Flame

Moving through these dark alleys
There is no light from these haunted houses
Nothing but the darkness in front of me
Behind me, surrounding me
Nothing but the sounds of my feet
Caressing these dew wet streets
They say I am possessed
Some believe I am obsessed
Peering into dark corners
Hoping to find someone like me
A fool's moon burning cold
Scarred but yet so beautiful
Playing hide and seek with the clouds
With little stars twinkling about
It's not so hard to get lost
In this abyss of forgotten gods

But I'm not out of place
Nothing in life is ever misplaced
For those who cannot see the light
It burns blindingly bright
An eternal flame guides my way
Shining from deep withing my soul
Fueled by desires so pure
It shows the path made for me
As I walk along these dew wet streets
Passing by dancing shadows
They remain untouched by the light
I move passively thorough this city
Never stopping for hunger or pity
Not taking a breath
Not leaving a tear behind
How can I claim what was never mine?
I have abandoned this material world
It's something I came to realize
Not something that I learned
How can I become a part of the light
If I am scared of the flame
If I don't know how to burn
Man will never realize what he's got
In this abyss of forgotten gods

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