Monday, August 10, 2009

Storm Struck

I love storms... its a strange fascination that i have for them. They remind me of a rebellion... a strong voice intruding your mind... asking you... Daring you to come out. The lightening moving sporadically across the black canvas... tearing it apart as if to signify the tearing down of barriers. The thunder... oh the thunder.... it resonates with the heartbeat. It gets stronger.... louder.... turns into a roar as it nears. Like a rebellion outside your door... coming closer... closer... till it seems to be just behind that door ... ready to knock it down and drag you out to join the rebellion.

The first step is the most difficult one. Stepping out into the rain... the pouring... pelting... bullets of water... smashing against your skin. It hurts... but its sweet. As it drenches you... you seem to feel as if its making you a part of itself. Then the fear floats away... drowned in the water.

If there ever was a storm within my mind
I would sit in the darkness of the night
Let the thunder of my being
Become part of the peaceful sky

If there ever were tears in my eyes
I would sit beneath a sullen sky
Let the raindrops fall and float away
Taking the storm with them

I love storms... they bring tranquility.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Blues and the Hues

Leave it blue I told him...leave it blue. It looks better this way...just plain blue. No whites to draw the attention shapes forming in the dragons... or lions or birds. Just...pure.... blue. He said "Would you like a little black?"....i looked at him with a puzzled face and replied "why would i want to turn my perfect happy sky into a shade of black? Its not crying ...its not why make it glum?"

He was a stubborn man... and he wouldn't listen. I wonder why he asked me in the first place... if he wasn't going to do what i said. So he took a brush and added black to my blue.... bright blues with sober hues. With the gray came the white. Lightening crawling across my perfect sky...ripping it apart...cracking it... tearing away with the sound of thunder... drowning the sound of my heart breaking. It was perfect... my sky... my perfect blue sky...why did he have to go and ruin it?

There i sat feeling the blues....and then rain fell from above. One drop at a time... one solitary drop amongst the thousands... yet standing out. With every flash of lightening the falling drops glittered like diamonds. There were diamonds falling from the sky...the gray sky. They washed away the little sorrow i had... and called me into the storm. Its a strange feeling... to walk out into the storm without caring to get wet... to dance in the rain like no one is watching... to sing like no one is listening... to make a poem... the most beautiful one that you will ever make... but knowing that it will be forgotten as the storm passes.

I looked into the sky as the rain slowed down...but the lightening continued. In between the break in the cloud i saw the stars.. little white dots in the sky... the Big Dipper next to Orion's belt. Stars in a storm of falling diamonds. Every time the lightening would die out i would see the stars... and they would disappear with every flash... only to reappear in the darkness. The lightening brought the ground to life... green lush fields... the trees... the red walls... the while houses.... appearing and disappearing with the lightening. Stars... no stars... green earth... blackness... white many colors. All because of a little black.

When the storm passed away... i crept slowly into my bed... warm... dry and content. Never thought that so many colors would come from little black on a little blue. Never did i imagine a storm could be so beautiful. That's the thing about storms... they leave behind either complete chaos... or clean away all the dirt. The rain can either drench you to the bone... or wash away the tears. All this while he stood there silently... with a smile on his face... a smile of satisfaction... like he knew what he was doing when he added the black to the blue... mixed blues with the hues.

The sad part about rain is that we dream about it.... write about it... sing about it... paint about it... but don't spend enough time dancing in it.

Summer Skies

I thought and i thought about things i had never thought about
Out came griffins and dragons and little fairies
A little color was missing, so i cried and i cried
What use is this painting if its just black and white
After the tears had dried, a poem came to life
It danced and sang, just like a dandelion at dawn
I plucked it out and called it my own
Only to have it wither away, leaving me alone
Even the fireflies drifted away, leaving behind the darkness
There is no color in the night, even with the moon
The same sky twinkling now, burns in the summer noon
A little color was all i wanted, not the sun
Only if i could take back, what i had returned

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kingdom of Silent Trees

Like willow trees we stand tall while the wind blows all around. Let some leaves dance... let the moss grow quietly. Its quiet here within the fog as the dew drops fall from the twigs. The dawn breaks the dark blanket that seemed to cover the earth, lit by fireflies twinkling all around. The sound of crickets echos beneath the canopy reminding us that the world is awake... its only us who are asleep.

When morning comes...
It brings along a curse...
Man will come and cut us down...
We shall not resist...
We shall not revolt...
For we understand the Truth...
Through the wind...
We shall return...