Monday, April 26, 2010

Runway Girl

You've got the blush baby
I've got the brush
Take off the dress and change the voice
Screw the heels
No one cares if you smell nice
Drop the face and leave the smile
No one cares if you're alive
When the money goes bang! bang! bang!

Walking down the middle of the highway
She is the new world girl
Looking like a Japanese doll
Too young to die
Too old to fade away
A 'one hit' wonder
She's got nothing more to give
Runway girl, baby's gotta live

I'm not gonna show you the way
I'm not gonna tell you what to do
You can kick the bucket or
Beat it all out and leave it
Take a match and burn it all down
Then dance around the fire till dawn
Runway girl, your 18 baby
What more could you want?

Runaway Boys

Absolve me
Come on baby, drench me and cleanse me
I don't really care no more
If the fire burns or if it just glows
Something's gonna give

Got my bags packed
I'm all set to go
Come on baby, lets go hunting for gold
It don't really matter
Who's listening, who's not

I've got a fire in my belly
Can't you see the glow
Feel the sparks
Something's building up baby
This shit's ready to blow

I've gotta run
Gonna burn some air as I go
Can't hold us back now
Come on baby, drench me and cleanse me
Come one baby, absolve me
I've got so far to go...


To lay your hand upon the chest that breathes its last
Like a drop of rain upon barren lands
Feel the world disappear to be forever gone
As something gives away beneath the sands

We come to the sea with the setting sun
Its here that the world comes to a stand still
As all the memories sleep peacefully in the dark
As the sand shifts beneath our feet with the waves

Place your hand in the waves and feel the touch
Of a being not held back by love
What have we become to this world that we cannot see
All the life in a single grain of sand

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Oh freedom, what did you do?
Took my love and turned it blind
The best that i could do
Was run after you
Oh freedom, what have you done?
One moment it was here
The next it was gone
Gone somewhere but here
Oh freedom, what will you do?
For the one that is gone
With the wind
Leaving me alone.

Oh freedom, we are but pieces
Of a chessboard
What will a knight do without his king
A king without his queen?


We ran... we ran hand in hand
In the pouring rain
As the drops came thundering down
We knew what we had found
A moment of peace
A fleeting instance of serenity
In a kiss
In a touch
In a breath of our own
In the eyes of a lover
With the feeling of freedom
We ran...

Friday, April 16, 2010

My child, let sit and talk for a while
About the dreams that you have
Some that you've lived and the others that you killed
In the face of this dream called life

When it's time to sleep place your head upon my hand
And tell me of the dreams you want to have
As I watch the sandman come to you
I sit wonder and what it is to dream.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Edge of the world

As I sat and wondered with no place to hide
You took my hand and said
"Let us run to the end"
How foolish of us to be there
Running with the wind
As we fell off over the edge of the world
Falling and tumbling down into space
Towards the sun...
... whistling.


You are, everything I wanted
The stars, hanging in the sky
As the water came tumbling down
Over the mountain side
And I stood beneath the waves
Oh why...
I stood wishing you were here

You saw, all my pieces broken
In this darkness I could never
Put them back into place
Pieces scattered all over
I asked you the reasons
Oh why...
Some of the things I can never replace

All I've ever known
Could never shine
As brightly as you had shone
On the summer night
When you told me I was wrong
Oh why...
Could never return the moments gone.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moonless night

I was sleeping and dreaming of the moon
It was dark, but I was with you
You looked up and reached out to the sky
With you fingers stretched out
Held the glistening moon in your hand
Looked at me and said "Its just a rock"

All the beauty of the world
Came tumbling down with the stars
The moon came crashing down in our laps
We sat there and watched the sky go dark
"Its just a rock" you had said
"A rock... with lots of scars"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rivers deep with memories flow through the air
These waters are so dangerous for us
White light shimmers into my eyes
As time ebbs and flows
The decisions we come to make
Will never let us be the same again

We wonder why some things matter more than others
But these are just rain drops
Not some holy water
But to me, its all the same.


You wonder why I am so consumed. Look at my face and you will see what's the cause of this disorder. By the shore line I walk on full moon nights making patterns in the sand which even I don't recognize. They resemble the memories I made with you. Some from you and some from my dreams. One day, I will tell you what they all meant.

Remember what we are when the tide is high. Little pebbles in the sand. One day... the waves will come and wash us all away.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I realized I don't have labels for my posts. Maybe because most of the time I don't really know what I am writing about. Not everything is related... some things just are.

Leave my world like falling snow
White and cold
Each snow flake different from the rest
Give me some crayons
And watch my world grow

Run through the Jungle

I was running through the jungle and i fell
Oh baby...i fell and fell and never got up
Lay there amongst the autumn leaves
Looked up and saw the birds of prey
I was running to something baby
I was running to get away
That's when i fell... fell and never got up.

Ran past the mountains and over the seas
Through the trees and over the hills
I ran from the glory baby, i ran from the thrills
I ran right through hell, fire on my heels
Even the fucking devil couldn't get a hold of me
Took a moment to Look up at heaven and baby that's when I fell
That's when i fell... fell and never got up.

They came looking for me but i wasn't going back
They thought they could take me
Told them to fuck off and never come back
I ran from the city baby, I ran from the cage
I ran right back from where i came
That's when i fell baby... that's when i fell
That's when i fell... fell and never got up

Silence of dreams

Free like the thoughts inside my mind
We floated away beneath the stars
Watching the clouds above the sea
Wondering... wondering what they dream

Still as the air inside my heart
We stood tall beneath the stars
Watching the mountains amongst the clouds
Wondering... wondering what they dream

Shimmering like the light inside my eyes
We danced away in the dark
Watching the candles in the wind
Wondering... wondering what they dream

Oh I feel... I feel so free
This life, it will never get a hold of me
The song in my mind echoes
Shattering the silence of my dreams
Oh take me away... just take me away
I've got so much to see
So much to much to dream.