Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The last second

Death...is probably the one phenomenon that intrigues me the most....maybe even more then life itself. So many forms, so many faces, so many ways...ONE result...Peace. At least that's what i think is at the end. Undisturbed silence. The one thing that man desires throughout his horrible and painstaking life...he get by giving up life itself. But its not the aftermath of death that draws thoughts from my head...No! Its mans' preparation to meet the inevitable that interests me.

Man is a funny creature. He never reacts to the same stimuli in the same manner....and the probability of approaching doom can be a very strong stimulus indeed. Some run for cover, in an
attempt to hide. As if death was a tall man in a black robe...playing hide and seek! Some turn to God in those last moments...trying to wash away the cumulative sins of many a years. I wonder if it even works. Its a bit odd to see these men chanting a name in their last moments...following the same principles that they ignored and violated in full consciousness. But the Gita does say, "Those who focus their mind on Me in their last breath, attain Me after death"....it sounds so easy doesn't it? Too easy!

The ones that interest me the most are the ones that shatter...weather and fade away...and the ones that come to life at the moment of death. There is nothing weaker than a devastated man begging for one more extra second of life. Pitiful...scared and pitiful. The ones that come to life...oh...these are the ones that scream "to live again before death". Like the flame flickers brightest before it blows out...these are the souls that seem to live fulfill all their desires in what insignificant time that remains. These are ones who show the real meaning of life.

I shall not be the one who decays in his white...sanitary bed...in a clean hospital...watching his heart speak slowly in pulses and waves on a flickering monitor. I shall not be the one who dies waiting for his timer to tick down. My head shall not fall limp when the stopwatch...stops. As stupid as it may sound...but i plan to live long....grow old...and then die bungee jumping...or sky diving. To feel FREE once again. Who knows what happens after death...so i might as well live that little moment completely. Like they say..."i rather burn out...than fade away".


reema said...

umm....nice!..i like

Arcane Akash said...
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Arcane Akash said...

thanx :-)....wat is ur plan for the final act?