Friday, October 31, 2008

Gone Away

Death teaches us a lot about life. It shows us how various elements that came together to form someone....disperse when their time has come. When a human being witnesses this phenomenon of disintegration....dissipation....dissolution...then life adopts a whole new meaning. Like the quote in my school's Biology book..."Nothing lives forever, but life goes on"...and so do the memories...even after you have....Gone Away.

This is one piece of writing I hold very close to my heart.

I remember the moments,
That came and went.
You cuddled me,
Made me laugh, made me cry
You sat on your rocking chair, with me in your lap,
Waiting for the jingle of icecream man

I caught toads, played with the fireflies,
Under your presence, your watchfull eye
You watched me grow, you watched me learn,
You wished me luck, that I would become someone.
Now that you are gone,
Things will be different.
But I will always feel your presence,
Up above, watching me forever

I know that you will smile,
And look down upon me,
Whisper in my dreams,
The nickname you gave me
All I can do is pass on your memories,
For the ones who haven't witnessed your glory
I wish for an everlasting smile, on your lovely face,
May you be happy, wherever be your place.

Rest Amongst Peace


reema said...

so sweet!... u giv goodness...only goodness

ZooFugitive said...

I have tears in my eyes
Yes I do
You could not have said it
in a better way
of love that is of the most
innocent nature
that of children who are yet young
and children who live their second

Arcane Akash said...

thankyou adi! i really appreciate your comment. :-)

Amardeep said...

its the same feeling i have for my nanu....almost same words for my nanu in my diary.....i actly know hw i feels.....this is actly the true pure

all the best....keep going