Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fragile butterfly

It hurts to see when a father must bid farewell his child...being slowly taken away from his warm embrace. Disease is unbiased...Death is cruel...

Oh my little butterfly
Daddy loves you more then he ever has
Listen closely to the bedtime story tonight
Last time that I turn off the lights

Oh my little butterfly
Don't be scared of the dark
Then how will you differentiate
Between the sky and the stars

Oh my little butterfly
Hold on to your teddy tight
Spread your wings like you've never have
Towards the heaven take flight

Oh my little butterfly
Tell mommy that I love her too
It's just a matter of time
Then daddy will join both of you

Oh my little butterfly
Forgive me for making you so fragile
I swear that i will make it up
With chocolates and sparkles and little toys

Oh my little butterfly
Be brave, don't cry
Daddy's just kissing you goodnight
Daddy's not kissing you goodbye

Oh my little butterfly
Be brave...Be brave...


ZooFugitive said...

Were you inspired by a real life incident?

Arcane Akash said...

It was an article i read in the newspaper...where a 3 yr old infant girl had been diagnosed as HIV+....her mother was already dead...and her father was HIV+ aswell. Broke my heart...