Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A shitty day....a shitty day. I just found out that a friend of mine has blood cancer. The reports are in...but no one has dared to tell her yet. I wonder what will go on in her head when she does find out....i only wonder. A shitty day...a shitty day indeed. This one is for her....get well soon!

A Dream I had dreamed for so long,
Without knowing that i was dreaming
Of fairy tales and dragons and twinkling stars,
Of perfect love and movie stars
It had felt so right, it had felt so true,
I was there...and so were you
The darkness was more soothing than the light,
I slept and slept...right through the night
There was nothing else i wanted to do,
But how was i to know that i was asleep
Floating in waters...to deep for me
Woken up by a message so cold
"Be brave" they said...."Be bold"
Crashing down upon me now, word by word....sound by sound
I woke up and realized, the thoughts in my head just wouldn't materialize
What was true and what was not
You' re the only answer that I've got
So help me please to understand, this is happening all to fast
The rain is falling on me now, pouring down...its pouring down
I am awake... but a little lost
I fail to understand...have i gained everything....or have i lost?
Whatever remains of this paralyzed time
Answers are what i must find....
What i must find...

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