Thursday, October 23, 2008

Originating Sin

Questions plague my mind on this cold night...questions of man and his actions...questions of man and his desires. Why does man commit sin? Is he compelled…or does he choose? Why don’t all men follow the same path of righteousness…wisdom and all that is good and pure? Why are some attracted by the darkness? They find acquaintance in sinister methods of living. “Evil” is what they are often called…condemned as the worshippers of the devil….hunted…burnt…executed. Are they just misunderstood…or do we fear them because their ways are antagonistic to ours...or are they breaking some unspoken universal law that forbids one from doing what is wrong? In this world of freedom of action, is every soul free to choose its own path? Is it so wrong to choose to walk in the shadows then? Is it not this ‘evil’ that gives meaning to God…just like the darkness gives meaning to the light? One is incomplete without the other…the flame cannot burn without the fuel. Evil is just… the other half of the equation.

Life cannot be a single state of movement. It must deviate…fluctuate…wander in the unknown in order to proceed ahead. Evolution is based on errors…it’s based on chance…it’s based on the pioneer that walks adrift from the rest of the crowd. Sometimes these pioneers lose their way and dissolve…while some bring a new way of life. If evolution ceases, then life becomes just a stagnant pool of DNA. So, every step that man takes to move ahead in time, there arise two parts of his character. Every action of his has two results. One which is pure and righteous…and the other… sinful and evil. These two coexist…in a constant struggle against each other. Each defined by its principles and characteristics. Often a man of one side wanders into the other in search for an answer…a solution…or just to feel complete.

Wiping out one half of the equation will only lead to unbalance. Evil cannot be removed from this world…for it is not a disease. It is a way of thinking…a way of doing things…it’s a choice, sometimes taken…sometimes forced. As long as man exists and as long as the choice exists…so shall evil. Suppose we do wipe out evil. A clean sweep…the savior descends and removes all evil from this world. The world would be cleansed…pure…white, but are we strong enough to preserve this change? I don’t think so. Man is not a perfect animal…and no two people are the same. The differences…the incompetence of one man in comparison to his brother would compel him to drift apart. He will do what he can and what he must in order to survive…regardless of it being immoral or not…regardless of it being good or evil.

As conscious objects we are aware of our place in this matrix of life. We are taught from birth the difference between wrong and right…between evil and good. The “villain” always dies…the protagonists live happily ever after. We have arrived to where we are because of our desires. The “Big Bang” happened at the desire of the universe to move from nothing to something. But in our law bound world…sometimes our desires aren’t within our reach. We then come to a fork in our path. We may choose to abandon desire and move on like we were…or we may choose to abandon our morals and break our restraints…and reach out and snatch what we desired…that which was not within our reach a moment ago. At this moment…we change. Life is a constant struggle as we fluctuate between doing nothing… doing the right thing…and committing a sin. Unfortunately, sometimes the right thing itself becomes the sin.

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