Thursday, March 12, 2009

So many years ago

Seasons come...and seasons go
Autumn leaves dry as the new ones begin to grow
But a friend left behind in the past
Cannot be many years ago
Now I remember, that look in your eyes
The tears that flowed, when I said goodbye
Never did I think, that you would break
Over a promise... we both never made

If one day, I wander into those streets again
When we have grown old...wrinkled...numb from the pain
Maybe we can sit in the yard
Catch up on the lives we've lived apart
You can tell the stories that you've made
We can relive the childhood moments we shared
I can't promise if I will be able to stay
But I hate to say goodbye again

A friend that I left...behind in the past
I search for you still...but which of us is lost?


OZ said...

For me its the best you have scribbled till date :)

Arcane Akash said...

The best comes when it comes from the heart. :)

Life takes us so close to people...and then it takes us so far! I really hope that one day when this so called 'life' has had its way with us...maybe then we can go back to the places we loved...the people we loved. If not forever, but at least to feel alive again... even for a little while.