Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Last Time

This one is special to was one of the first things i ever wrote. Even now, I remember how i felt that night.

Listen to me now
Listen as i speak tonight
Let me apologize for the mistakes
Let me say how much i love you
Forgive me for the times i hurt you
Laugh with me, at me, on me
Hold my hand and cry with me

Talk to me now
Scream at me for things i did wrong
Point out all my mistakes, one by one
Hit me where i am weak
Make me scream, so i can feel
What's it like to be in pain
What's it like to be born again

Kiss me now
Kiss these lips before they become still
Cold and blue, drained of all life
Touch my tongue with yours
Let me taste you one last time
Touch my skin and let me feel your warmth
Before these arms go limp and numb

Let it all out now
This moment will not repeat
Don't hold back in this moment of truth
Nothing you say will change the way
I look into your eyes and speak to you
The image of you in my head is immortal
Time will stop, but i will not forget
As the clock nears the dong
All that i ask of you is one last dance

Dance with me now
For these feet may not move again
Tell me you love me
Tell me you were always mine
I know i have heard it a million times
But say it one last time
Just one last time

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