Sunday, March 29, 2009

A moment of Happiness

I don’t know why…but I’m happy inside
There’s a butterfly in my tummy…and a tickle in my side
I haven’t won a lottery nor have I reached the sky
But it’s just there, nothing that I have tried
No marijuana…no ganja to give me this bliss
No distant phone call…or my first kiss
It’s just a state I’m in at this very moment
A chance to smile, no need to lament
Careless and free is how I feel
No bad memories right now, no wounds left to heal

I know this bubble will pop sooner than later
But I don’t care ‘casue it doesn’t really matter
I am living in the present, that’s how I want to be
‘Casue the future is too far ahead for me to see
I might be going crazy I might be going insane
But I don’t mind staying a bit longer in this game

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