Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Last Soldier

In the trench, is where lies
Where he lies alone
Holding onto to dreams he had
But itching to let go
Thoughts race through his head
They eat him from inside
Promises of a better world
Nothing but hollow lies
Where have the flowers gone
The trees burnt alive
Bodies of his friends are laid
Scattered through the night
The mud drying on his face
It’s tearing him apart
The beast in his chest is fear
Biting at his heart

Bullets fill the moonlit sky
Coming down like hail
This cannot be his home
He must be in hell
The bullets are infinite
Like the stars in the sky
One of them is meant for him
Wanting him to die
The trench is so cold and numb
Will this be his grave
Or will he survive the sinful darkness
And live to see another day

He is just an ordinary man
Struggling to survive
Fighting for mistakes of men
Fighting for their selfish pride
Embrace the bullet in his head
He could let it find its mark
He could end this pain and suffering
And quietly slip into the dark
Or he could bite back on the fear within
And step into the light
Raise his gun to the sky
And let the bullets take flight

Except to the crying sky above
Or to the blood drenched ground below
What he did in his moment of truth
Only his soul shall ever know


marcpereira said...

does he see the light
in darkness as he waits?
the soul nought lost
if the heart triumphs!!

reema said...
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reema said...

ws going thru ur blog today... i quite like it

Arcane Akash said...

@ nishan - nice words. I shall remember them. :-)

@ reema - thanku! Ur words always give me more inspiration to write! :-)

ZooFugitive said...

This reminds me of the movie- Waltzing with Bashir. Watch it, its brilliant, and there is a scene from which the movie gets its name that is so damn similar to what you have written...

Arcane Akash said...

anyone has it...or do i have to download it? :-)

sumit verma said...

oh..beautiful...u have written like..u are the solider who is dying..

Arcane Akash said...

@sumit: aren't we all soldiers...each with our own battles? But i guess not all battles are abt life and death...but the ones tat are...are fought by brave men!