Sunday, March 29, 2009

Booger War!

My senses tingle! I feel there is an fun! Taking my weapon of pinky finger! Curving it a a make it the right shape....i has to be just right! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! and I shove it in my nose!

You little long did you think you could hide? After all, this is my territory that you are on you little sticky piece of snot! Nothing...nothing stays on my territory unless i want it to! Muhuhu huhuhu hahaha (evil laugh)

I poke....I twist....maneuvering it like a sword....delicate yet firm! I push and corner the enemy into a corner! AHA! YOU'RE TRAPPED! No place to place to hide! You're mine!! I squish it...roll it down...let it run and catch it again! Oh! The pleasure of playing with your enemy!

But when i've had my share of fun....the final strike! I pin the enemy to the ground...drag it across the battle ground....into the light....into the open sky! I hold you there...on the tip of my finger. Your shape...your sticky...disgusting form...nothing but a small round object on the tip of my finger. Oh the power! The power to control an enemy! And then...with the flick of a finger....i toss you away! So pathetic!

And then...with a sigh of satisfaction....i return to the task i was doing before i was alerted to this enemy!


Sahani said...

yuck :-D lol.. fantastic description, but maybe slightly too much information for my liking :-P

you know.. strangely, this reminds me of "The mosquito" by D.H Lawrence!

Arcane Akash said...

:-) disgusting indeed....but since ur a dentist, disgusting has a whole new meaning to it! hehehe. Out of all the ppl...i knew u wuld understand the real...emotion...the real....sentiments behind this great piece of writing! *sniff*

marcpereira said...

trust you to come up with the most creatively gross way to describe something as insignificant as picking your nose to something of an epic battle....sheeeshhh....