Friday, January 2, 2009

A million miles

There's a road, a sky and a lake...straw huts on the outskirts
Mountains and hills...with little children playing in the dirt
The world moves by and the world moves on
Souls arrive, only to depart and carry on
There's a blind man who sings and hums
A mother who waits for his soldier to return
A father earning life for his family
A baby suckling milk happily
There's a eunuch dancing in the aisles
Trading money for blessings, under fearful eyes

But here I sit, out into the darkness i gaze
Beyond the rail tracks...beyond the fields of maize
Your dances behind these eyes...
More enigmatic than the moonless sky
A riddle...entangled thoughts...capturing my mind
The answers in your eyes...hidden behind
I have memories...a smile to my lips they bring
Bits and pieces, wound into an endless string
A laugh...a smile...a whisper...a kiss
The touch of a soft hand...the taste of your lips

I travel the land...from where the sun sets
From the land of the land where we met
I would brace the sun and the rain, just to be at your side
But for a moment...a second...a cold winter night
I have no diamonds, no rubies, no stones
I have no kingdom, no land, no home
I give you my warmth, my breath...all that I can
I give unto you all that I am

I would travel a million miles...spanning under a million skies be at your side...

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