Friday, January 2, 2009


Black is the color of the moonless sky
Darker are her beautiful eyes
Deeper and deeper she drags me down
I don’t know if I ever wanna get out
I may be lost, but I don’t think I wanna be found

Let me wander here for a while
Its peaceful than the world outside
Some hidden treasures, dancing fireflies
No sign of deceit and deception
Eyes so pure, devoid of lies

But hidden behind the darkness
Her tears twinkle bright
Seeming like little stars in the sky
I wonder what could be the reason she cries
The memories in which she dies

Just lead me deeper, where it hurts the most
I can heal your scars, make you smile
Take my shoulder if you feel weak
Hold my hand and I will walk by your side
Just to see a sparkle in those eyes
Those dark and beautiful eyes…

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