Monday, February 9, 2009

A Part Of Me

This is for You...
Whom I shall never forget...
You know who You are...

There exists a cell in my brain in which you reside...a little memory...a which you reside. That is how you have become a part of me, living with me...within me. A part of you that i believe and carry wherever i go. You are with me when i feel alone...your face dances behind my eyes...your words emerge from the depths of my mind...your voice speaks to me when i feel alone. It offers me guidance when my mind is turbulent. It comforts me when my heart is in pain. It gives me courage when the strength leaves my hands. It shows me reason when all i can see is chaos. Forgetting you is not possible. You remain etched in my skin...a scar...a mark...a painting....reminding me of the moment that you existed with me....reminding me that you shall forever remain with death. You may never may never understand.

Forgive me for the wrong which I may have done to you. Forgive me if i ever ignored you...if i wasn't there when you needed me. Forgive me if i ever disappointed you...let you down.

I may never get a chance to thank you. Even if i do...i doubt i shall ever have the words. Just remember, that you gifted me something that paper could never wrap.

This is for God...who has been a master...who has been a friend...guiding me through this life.
This is for my grandparents...who enveloped me with their love and care.
This is for my father...who showed me the meaning of trust and honesty.
This is for my mother...who showed me how to care.
This is for my sister...who has been saving my ass since i was a kid.
This is for my childhood friend Justin...who cried when I left. I never understood why you i do.
This is for my friend Saurabh...who saved me from becoming a "typical" person.
This is for my friend Santvana...who has always understood me, been the well of my thoughts.
This is for my friend Sahani...who made me believe in coincidences, showed my how two people from different times, different worlds can be so similar!
This if for my friend Prerna...who taught me how to "flush" my mind, when it becomes too much of a mess to solve.
This is for Neha...who was more than a friend, who inspired me to rediscover myself and be strong again. I'm sorry that i broke your heart...but its the only way i could have ever understood my own.
This is for my friend Nishan...who has been my partner in hard work.
This is for my friend Reema...who helped me find myself when i felt lost.

These words may never reach your eyes...but in my mind you shall forever reside....


reema said...

if ur life is made..frm their impressions..n memories... den their's hav been filled with a whole lotta love...containing u...
atleast mine did...
my love to u...

Sahani said...

beautiful :).. as per usual of course :)

and i agree completely. people closest to us make an everlasting impression on us :)

as have you to me :)

much love!