Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remember the Courage

Do you think there exists a moment where you can just change yourself completely? Cleanse yourself ....redeem yourself...throw away all that you have become and become all that you have ever wanted? A task like this seems to be impossible...but is it so great...that its greater than your power of will?

Does our will lie in our ability to move boulders....or does it lie in our ability to move the hearts of people?
Does our strength lie in our ability to hold on tightly to the ones we love....or does it lie in our ability to let them go?
Does our resolve depend on how hard we can resit the change....or does it lie in our ability to accept it?

At the end of the day...when you sit in the dark...just you and your you feel happy about what you have become?...then why is there an urge to break lose...when there is nothing holding you down. Why then is there an urge to tell someone that you love them? Why is there a desire to fix all the wrongs that you have ever done?

Is there a moment in this darkness...when you tell yourself...."I am more than what this world sees me as. I am more than what I have become. I am more than even the change I wish to bring."

Does such a moment exist?....does it?....

Yes it does. It exists in every breath we every blink we make. All we need to use the "colossal courage" that binds our cells together. The courage that makes us close our eyes...the courage that makes us dream...the courage that makes us open our eyes again. Its the same courage that gave us our first kiss. Its the same courage that stopped our tears every time a friend left. Its the same courage that made us take our first steps. Do you remember that courage....or have you forgotten?

Remember...its never too late to change...not even when you are holding your very last breath.

We are more than what we are....we are what we believe.

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