Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh... So that was love!

Is love to be felt or to be lived?

I have spent time in the darkness of my room...and in the darkness of the night sky pondering about things that i have no answers to... not that i need an answer to everything. Things that i have no explanation to. Things that i have no experience of. Sometimes i think of death... sometimes i think of life... at other times i wonder why we fight... and then i stop to think why we love?

What is love? I hate the dictionary explanation involving chemicals and brains... its not a beautiful enough explanation to a question that is so vague. A friend once said to me "I really wanna fall in love...but i don't think I'm even close. Love is so idealistic.".... to which i smiled and said "i don't think anyone in the history of mankind ever knew when they were 'close' to falling in love."

I think infatuation is idealistic. I think compromise i realistic... both of which people often mistake for love. I think love is the balance. These are not answers... these are just my opinions. Sometimes i think love is the state of overwhelming pleasure... and sometimes i think love is the state where you don't feel anything at all. The feeling of complete emptiness.... or the feeling of complete fullness. Does love encompass everything or is it devoid of everything? Is love the color that stands out...or the color that blends in?

Questions that only bring more questions... along with some rhetorical answers which appear to be attempts at avoidance rather than answers.

As i sit in the brightness of my room i ask the air around me....
Is love to be written about or left as thoughts in the mind?
Is love to be dissected and explained or to be left as the question that gives purpose?
Is love to be felt or to be lived?

... i am still waiting to find out... hopefully i won't look back one day and say " that was love."


reema said...

who knows may be u will.... oneday point out..nd say oh yes it was!.. u know we waste all of our lives thinkin whether it was a romantic encounter or real love... for watever.. it was worth experiencing.. Love like everything every thing els neednt be weatherproof nd durable...

we can never b instructed to love or learn any of it..
if all this life nd endless space is a mystery.. then let love b one of it.
:)... nice lil post. touchy!

ZooFugitive said...

Search for helen fisher's lecture on "love" on LAN, its really cool...

Srijan said...

I dont know how or why I stumbled across your blog, but this post of your has given words to something that I have been thinking for long .. Loved it dude ! You rock !