Monday, June 13, 2011

To understand the origin of desire is to overcome it. After years of fulfillment, a man's heart always feels empty... devoid of every emotion that resembles or is reminiscence of something full. It is our fate and our greatest failure to not see that the purpose of desire is not of collection and conquest, but of knowledge.

In our deepest sleeps we conjure up our deepest desires from the depths of our mind and feel them as ripples across the thin skin of our eyes. 'Subconsciousness' we say! In these limited dreams from which we wake and have no memory of, the bellow of infinite trumpets will always be that of a funeral march and not one of victory.

The one in the coffin spoke of a dream.
The one in the dream, spoke of a desire.


Anonymous said...

The profound truth of every unsatisfied soul, wandering in the search of unknown satisfaction.
But the knowledge alone may be dangerous, it should also call for love,adoration and karma.
Subconsciousness is the pool of hidden infinite powers which always try to push the spirit up in order to understand and overcome the constraints.
desire more from a drop of water than from the ocean,
hold a breath until it becomes a storm, ........An omnipotent being may get over...

Arcane Akash said...

Ah the storm... the thunderless storm.

My friends... your words flow.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get you...