Friday, February 11, 2011

The Self

The Self is your greatest friend.
It is your greatest enemy.
The Self always understands, but when it doesn't it always give reason to go ahead.
The Self does not take blame, but gives guilt.
It takes pride and gives strength.
In moments of deceit and failure, the Self gives pity.
In moments of victory and conquest, the Self takes credit.
One can never be without the Self.
Even in moments of silence and loneliness, the Self always speaks.
In times of madness, the Self always expresses.

Very few times in our lives do we come face to face with our Self. More often then not, we close our eyes and march on with our heads down in shame... or heads held high but our eyes closed. Our greatest fears are not of what lurks around us, but of what lurks inside.

To stand beside our Self, is to be truly our self.

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