Sunday, January 31, 2010


The basic desire to be different... to not fade into the crowd amongst the blacks and whites. When I look around... I see stereotypical roles... decisions by rule... one step in front of the other, each leading to a predefined action... each one behaving just like the rest. Like dead willow trees in autumn.

The very core of my being screams "Ignore it... deny it... break it. Be different even if you are proven to be wrong so that you may not look back at these years and regret not taking a chance. So that your feeble old legs don't regret running... your dry tongue doesn't regret kissing... your cold hands do not regret touching. Don't be afraid of pain or love... they are like the seasons...they will come and go and leave nothing but scars and memories. Your freedom does not come from chains... but from bonds and thoughts. Why be what the world 'wants' you to be when you could be what you 'want' yourself to be."

Its time and its eternal silence that ask me the same question again and again... "why... why be different? Why not just do what they all do... after are one of them."

To be remembered and not forgotten
I will not be lost in the crowd
Not like a dead rose within the pages
It's not what I chose for myself
In this city of stone and dirt
The only thing that's real is my blood
And maybe you will someday see
Nothing was real...
Except You and Me.

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